Reliving Radio Costs

The Way Radio Was -Reimbursement. . .

Reliving Radio host Dick Karman donates his research and collection
to enable him to visit Assisted living, retirement communities, churches,
libraries and senior centers. There is a minimum transportation
reimbursement fee of $75
for the WAY RADIO WAS presentations.
This fee is primarily for transportation and equipment. Time on site can
vary from 60 to 90 minutes for this single fee.

Reliving Radio has the radio hardware from the 1930s through the 1950s.
If you wish to have some of those radios on display for residents to see
and talk about, the display of antique radio equipment requires a minimal
per piece fee for insurance and transportation.

The $75 fee is applicable to those facilities within 35 minute drive-time
of Northeast Portland. Locations beyond that perimeter incure a proportionately
higher expense. Inquire to see how it applies to your location.

SUMMER 2019 Outdoor events!
Outdoor receptions, luncheons and parties are the lowest
rates in town
. Reliving Radio makes your event special
with sound and playback from the sweet years of the 1930s,
the swing years of the 1940s, or the happy days of the 1950s.
Playback services (vintage DJ) and equipment come as
a matched set. The fee is $75 per hour with a minimum
of 2 hours.
Car shows, Cruise Ins, large coverage
areas or groups over 400 people require extra equipment.
The minimum rental for outdoor large gatherings is $200 for
the first 2 hours and $60 an hour each hour thereafter.
Outside the Portland Metropolitan area a fuel surcharge applies.

Contact Relivingradio@Karmans(no spam).net
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or call Dick at 503-784-4398

These prices are valid through 2019.