Reliving Radio's memories and magic in Portland, OR since 1996
  Seasonal Performances
Bringing back the magic memories of Radio during holidays
with folks who remember the Way Radio Was.

Celebrate a holiday with the Way Radio Was.

        Let Reliving Radio come to your facility and make a special time themed around one of the holidays.
        Mr. Karman will come and be a quest speaker at Senior Centers, churches, retirement communities, and convalescent centers. The holidays provide the theme. Radio provides the audio. Mr. Karman provides the history. He shows pictures and tell stories of the way radio was in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. his one man show is an audio-biography of radio, tailored especially for those who remember the WAY RADIO WAS.

        Reliving radio also does background music and announcements for special events that commemorate the holidays. Church "talent" shows, and Veteran's nights welcome the music and memories of Reliving Radio.


Valentine's Day Show

The Way Radio Was makes a Valentine's Day event a sentimental Journey with love songs and tid bits from the early days of radio. Be reminded of those early days with songs like Let me call You Sweetheart, Heart of my Heart and Dear Hearts and Gentle People.

The Way Radio Was brings back memories from shows like Father Knows Best, and couples like Ozzie and Harriet, George and Gracie, Dorothy and Dick, and the Bickersons. A morning, afternoon or evening event in early February makes memories come alive and rekindles of the flame of Valentine's Day.

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Memorial Day

Using radio clips from the years of World War II, the Way Radio Was brings you a look at the events leading up to Pearl Harbor. Then on through the war years, and remembering the days of victory in 1945. Songs like I'll Walk Alone, The Marine Hymn, God Bless America, Coming In On A Wing and A Prayer, and String of Pearls will light up the hour with Memories and Music.
Schedule a Memorial Day special event early and plan a musical request hour of songs, Memorial-Day-style, before the show.


Independence Day

The Way Radio Was celebrates Independence Day all through July. This star-studded time features the music of Glenn Miller's Orchestra, with vocals by Tex Beneke. Artie Shaw and his band bring in other musical favorites which are intermingled with Kay Keyserís Kollege of Musical Knowledge, Spike Jones, and the Dorsey Brothers.

Your July 4th won't be the same without the music and the memories of a bygone era coming back to life. This is the show segment that often sees people take to the dance floor and Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye, or croon along with Bing. You'll enjoy the music that memories are made of.



Nothing brings back the memories of radio like the mystery and horror stories on the airwaves. Any time in October the Way Radio Was will bring shows like Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Arch Obler's Light's Out, and The Witches Tale . You'll remember tales well calculated to keep you in Suspense . You'll be reminded of places from which there is no Escape. And I Love a Mystery will tell you that Dead Men Prowl.

The WAY RADIO WAS Halloween show is long on memories and a fun place to relive the days of radio and mystery stories. Radio shows predominate as we creep down memory lane, hear the squeaking door, and listen for the Mysterious Traveler.
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Veteran's Day

Our annual Veteran's Day tribute will bow to the 2016 Pearl Harbor Day Tribute. 2016 marks the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Radio broadcasts from the Hawaiian islands, from Europe, from around the world make up part of this very special tribute to the "first day of war." We'll relive the songs and shows that kept us singing and the ones that kept us laughing. The Veteranís Day salute to Pearl Harbor seeks to honor all of our veterans and the memories that made that December day memorable. The Pearl Harbor salute will be available through November and December 2016.


Christmas Season

The Christmas Season brings back some of the most wonderful memories of all. For Your residents Christmas is a time of memories. And radio brought them to you for the last 80 years. Some folks remember the Cinnamon Bear, others can't think of Christmas without hearing John Barrymore playing Scrooge on Campbell's Playhouse . More than the shows, radio brought us the holiday music. Some Reliving Radio audiences just like to hear the big bands play the Christmas carols, or Bing sing Silent Night. Can you remember when Dennis Day sang I'll Be Home For Christmas for the men and women overseas? Memories and emotions are unleashed when radio sets the stage for the most wonderful time of the year. Include the Way Radio Was in your Christmas plans.

Christmas Parties and celebrations mean more with the music that folks remember. Reliving Radio will come and MC your party or plans with music and memories, not to mention Holiday gifts and remembrances of the Way Radio Was.
(No performances between December 16 and January 4.)

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